Waiheke Island worth visiting

Auckland’s Waiheke Island has been named fourth  on the  Conde Nast Traveler’s Best Islands in the world list, ahead of famous Islands such as  the Maldives and St. Lucia

The Island off Auckland, well known for its vineyards,  was named fourth on the list, chosen by readers of the  travel magazine.

Palawan in the Philippines, Bora Bora and Moorea, both located in French Polynesia, were the top three.

Waiheke was described as:

“A mix of Nantucket and Sonoma, with New Zealand charm, the island is a wine-lover’s nirvana.

“Just over 30 minutes from Auckland by boat, the island hosts a manageable number of vineyards and great restaurants, perfect for a day escape from the mainland. With beaches on the north side of the island and WWII tunnels to explore, there is no lack of excitement on Waiheke.”

The island, with a population of around 8000,  has been a hit with celebrities from all over the world.

Is Waiheke Island worth visiting ? We think definitely .

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