Travel hacks using everyday items from home.

Whether you are spending a year abroad or a weekend away, use these handy travel hacks to avoid the clutter on your next trip.

1. Pack plastic grocery bags
A must for your suitcase or backpack and can be used to wrap your shoes or protect clean clothes and hold dirty laundry. If you’re travelling on a rainy day, they are also great for lining your bag so it doesn’t get wet. Keep a few in your daypack too – great to wrap up your valuables if it starts to rain. Also a great way to get more use out of a non-recyclable product!

2. A pillowcase
Instead of bringing a travel pillow, save room by stuffing your pillowcase with bulky garments like winter jackets and use that as a makeshift pillow. You can also use the pillowcase when you’re dubious about the cleanliness of your hotel linen, and can double as a bag liner or to hold food that might crumble.


3. Pill containers.
Save any small medicine containers as these are great for storing jewellery and other small items that are easily lost. Also great for a small amount of emergency cash in case you lose your wallet.

4. Buttons for earrings
Fasten your earrings through button holes to avoid them being list and to keep them in pairs.

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5. Body lotion.
Body lotion has many uses such as shaving cream, hair conditioner, and used to tame your hair. Also, check the ingredients of any shampoo you buy. Many can often double as clothes washing liquid.

6. BYO water bottle
Airport water is one of the more expensive liquids around. Almost all airports have easily accessible water fountains, so pack a bottle and fill yourself.

7. Baby wipes
Carry a small pack to freshen up on the plane or longer days out.

8. Socks
If you have any breakables in your bag like a glass perfume bottle, stuff it inside a sock or two for extra protection.

9. Save hotel room bottles
Take any bottles of shampoo or body wash from your accommodation you haven’t used. These are great for future trips.

10. Pack a small roll of duct or insulation tape.
To fix, well, anything!

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11. Brighten up your baggage
Wrap a piece of ribbon or similar bright material or cardboard onto your suitcase handle. Makes it easier to spot amongst the thousands of others on the baggage carousel or when exiting a bus or train.


Do you have some travel hacks you want to share? Let us know and we will add them to the list.

TravelNZTravel hacks using everyday items from home.