Top 10 For Thrill Seekers

With action & adventure around almost every corner, it was hard not to just list 100 activities here. But, after much discussion we have the
” Top 10 Activities For Thrill Seekers “

10 – Shotover Jet – Queenstown

Hang on for the spins and tight turns through the spectacular canyons of the Shotover river.

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9 – Canyoning – Canterbury

Canyoning fills you with anticipation as you never know what is around the next bend.  Could it be a jump off a waterfall? abseil next to the waterfall or canyon sidewall or in the waterfalls flow itself.

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8 – Hot Tracks – Canterbury

Hottracks are all-terrain Hagglunds tracked vehicles. They’re designed for the extreme demands of military use. They can go anywhere, mud, swamps, snow and water, nothing stops us. Be prepared to go where no 4×4 will ever take you!

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7 – Paragliding – Canterbury

ParaPro have a “thrill seeker” flight option where you will be given an aerobatic experience you will never forget! ( there are awesome scenic flights available for the less adventerous also)

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6 – X – Flight Aerobatic Flights – Auckland

Lazy 8, Ballistic Aileron Roll, Barrell Roll, Loop, Immelman, Split ‘S’, 2 Point Roll, Half Cuban…… Know what any of these stunts are? You don’t need to! Just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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5 – GT Trackdrive – Auckland

Get behind the wheel of a real race car on a real race track and get your foot to the floor.

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4 – SkyJump – Auckland

Leap off Auckland’s famous Sky Tower – 192 metres straight down falling at around 85 kph for about 11 seconds.

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3 – Canopy Tours – Rotorua

An incredible journey unfolds as you traverse the tour route – surprises lurk around every corner, the platforms get higher and the flights get longer. Your curiosity will get the better of you as you become more immersed in the environment, wanting to know more, ask more questions and the bond amongst your fellow adventurers grows stronger
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2 – Taupo Bungy

At 47 metres high, this is NZ’s highest water touch bungy. Jumpers choose to stay dry or submerge themselves in the crystal clear waters of the river below. Solo and tandem options available. Only minutes from the town centre.
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1 – Skydive – Nationwide

We couldn’t decide on one particular place you should decide to climb out of a plane at up to 15000 feet, so we will leave that up to you. Check out the Activities pages as most areas have at least one operator, and choose your own backdrop. all we can say is…. Do It!
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