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Summer Jobs In New Zealand.

We have had many working traveller’s enquiring about what they can do and what experience they need for their work and travel adventure in NZ.

Here we list a few of the more popular forms of work and how you can go about getting employment.


Fruit Picking.

Fruit Picking is one of the easier jobs to pick up as the orchards require a lot of workers for only a few months of the year. Although it is a physical job and does require a certain level of fitness, it is generally easy to learn and can be quite lucrative. Some jobs are paid per hour but most are based on amount picked.

The apple industry employs a lot of seasonal workers each year, generally from February to April, mainly in the Hawkes Bay and Nelson regions.

Grapes are also picked from February to May, with the main regions being Hawkes Bay, Malborough and Central Otago, and the added bonus of maybe getting a chance to make some wine.

Kiwifruit orchards also require a lot of help, generally from May onwards, with a lot of orchards in the Bay Of Plenty.

There is always ongoing work at all orchards , such as pruning and caring for the plants and grounds, but there is generally not the need for so many workers outside of the harvest period.

To find fruit picking jobs search online for orchards in your area.


Au Pair.

If you like kids and want to share a home with a NZ family, then becoming an Au Pair could be great for you. Hours range from family to family, but are generally from 30 – 50 hours/week and pay ranges from around $150 to $250 per week, as well as all your accommodation and living. As you will be trusted to be left alone with someone elses children, you will need references and with some agencies maybe a police report or proof of character.

There are many agencies in New Zealand, or you can post a profile at aupair-world online.


If you have experience with horses you may be able to get work as a stable hand, or more likely as a short term role, help out on a Horse Trek farm. There are numerous horse trek operators in NZ, who often employ seasonal workers over the summer.

Pay is normally food and accommodation plus cash, maybe $100-200 per week.

Search online for operators in your area.


You’re in the land of milk and sheep, so maybe you want to have a go yourself! If you have experience you will likely be able to apply for a full time job, but at certain times of the year farmers require extra labour and some will be happy to provide accommodation and pay for a short period of time.

Get in touch with The Young Farmers Club in your area.

Tractor Driving

Agricultural Contractors in New Zealand are at their busiest from September through to April, and many employ foreign drivers. Experience is definitely required and pay ranges from $16 – $30 per hour. Expect long hours and generally the only time off is during wet weather. Search online or in the yellow pages for contractors in your area.


Bars, cafes and restaurants normally require extra staff over rthe summer months. A lot of hostels also provide accommodation for one or two travellers at a time in return for cleaning and helping out. Ask at each place you stay, and ask the manager at local bars and restaurants when you are out if there are any vacancies.

Be sure to work within the rules of your visa, and for any employment disputes you can contact the citizen advice bureau.


Good Luck, Have Fun and Safe Travels . Remember, anytime you book anything through TravellingNZ , you can go into the draw tto win your booking back! Just enter your details and booking number on our competitions page!

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