Astrid & Mareike go to Tauranga

Yesterday was a great day. We had a lot of lunch and some cookies and cream ice cream ( best we’ve ever had) .
The plan for this day was to go to Tauranga to watch a rock concert featuring Ekko Park, Fire at Will, Enercia and Flirting with Disaster. We started driving to Mt Maunganui at 4pm and arrived there at 6pm. On our way we stopped at a nice place on the State Highway 29 in the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park. From there you can see Mt Doom, The whole of the Waikato and a wonderful landscape. The concerts started at 9pm so we chose to visit the beautiful Beach at Mount Maunganui and to have some dinner at Dominos (it was very delicious and cheap!!!). After arriving at the final location we wanted to buy a beer but the barkeeper thought that we were too young to drink, although we had our passport. So for anyone who who reads this, after investigating this you are allowed to use your passport to prove your age to buy alcohol(but for those staying a few months it is advisable to get an 18+ card to make it easier)
Last but not least the concert was very nice, we really enjoyed it. We both can reccommend the Bands, the Beach and Dominos.
In total, the evening was very fantastic.

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TravelNZAstrid & Mareike go to Tauranga