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NZ the new boat people destination

NZ the new boat people destination

The Herald reports:

The Labour-led Government’s offer to take 150 asylum seekers is being blamed for an escalation in people-smuggling operations with New Zealand being marketed as a “back door” into Australia.

The Australian is reporting fears the latest Manus Island resettlement offer has sparked an increase in “chatter” in recent months with New Zealand mentioned as the final destination.

Last month an Australian naval patrol intercepted a boatload of 29 Sri Lankans off the coast of Western Australia. Those on board told Australian authorities they were bound for New Zealand.

The Australian said Sri Lankan authorities disrupted two people-smuggling ventures in their waters late last year in which the asylum seekers were also headed for New Zealand.

So Labour says they want fewer immigrants but they are turning New Zealand into a destination for and people smugglers.

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