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Intercity Flexipasses

InterCity is New Zealand’s largest national bus network, offering over 120 services to more than 600 towns, cities & communities nationwide. Whether you need to get to the next city, or want to travel the whole country, there are a great range of options you should know about, that may save you both money and time when planning your trip.
If you are just planning a single trip, or are not yet decided on making long term plans, you can book all of Intercity’s services on any of the transport pages at
Intercity also offer a flexipass , which entitles you to purchase a set amount of travel hours, and you just book your trip whenever you want or need to, and hop on and off wherever you want. You can also change your trip up to two hours before departure with no cancellation charges. The pass is valid for 12 months, and you can also use your hours to purchase selected sightseeing trips on your travels.
Another pass Intercity has on offer, is the flexitrip pass, where you purchase a set amount of trips, and each time you hop on a bus one trip is taken off. If you are planning a lot of long distance trips this pass can equate to huge savings. There are also options to include the Interisland ferry also, and this pass has many of the same great benefits as the flexipass.
And lastly, is the travelpass. Intercity has come up with some great itineraries, and allow you to purchase a pass for 1 – 14 days, allowing you to hop on and hop off wherever you please, with stops scheduled at all the great places you will want to see. Options for North, South or all of New Zealand passes.
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