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First Trans-Tasman flight

Today marks the day of the first Trans-Tasman flight in 1928 by Australian pilots Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm who made the 11 hour crossing in a Fokker tri-motor named the Southern Cross, covering 2670 km in 14 hours 25 minutes. New Zealander T.H. McWilliams, a teacher at a radio school in Wellington, had

Summers Here!

Well the weather is certainly warming up and most of you will now be looking at hanging up the ski boots and getting ready to soak up the sun, so we thought we would provide a few tips to make the most of the time you have. As much as we enjoy being spontaneous and rocking

Hamilton Anniversary

Hamilton 150 Year Birthday Party Hamilton is celebrating it’s 150 year anniversary with a party in the City centre from 3 – 9pm on Saturday the 22nd November. Come along for a great  day suitable for all ages, with free parking, $1.50 Bus rides within the city and a great range of activities including a

Free Street Festival

Head on down to Federal Street at SKYCITY,from 4:30 this afternoon(Friday). The newly refurbished street has been transformed into a pedestrian-friendly shared space as part of a joint project with Auckland Council and further enhances the precinct as a true culinary destination. It’s free to attend and the first 2,000 people to arrive will receive

Lunar Eclipse New Zealand

Tonight, Wednesday the 8th October around midnight a full lunar eclipse will occur, where the earth passes between the moon and the sun, causing a blood red moon effect. New Zealand is in a perfect position to see this, and although it is cloudy in some parts of the country tonight it will still be