Get to know the Kiwi English

A visitor from Germany has sent in their thoughts on Kiwi English . Choice, mate! – Pardon me? – It’s a good day, ay? – Eh, yes. When you will first arrive here, you will find it really hard to understand most of a conversation. If you haven’t been to Australia before, you wonder if

Astrid & Mareike go to Marakopa Falls

Ohhh what an amazing day! We went to the Waitomo Area. Here, the nature reflects again, how diverse New Zealand is. We passed the tourism centre and drove a long road through a forest (seems like a rain forest especially because it was raining). After a while (30 kilometres), we arrived at our first attraction,

Astrid & Mareike go to Tauranga

Yesterday was a great day. We had a lot of lunch and some cookies and cream ice cream ( best we’ve ever had) . The plan for this day was to go to Tauranga to watch a rock concert featuring Ekko Park, Fire at Will, Enercia and Flirting with Disaster. We started driving to Mt

Colour Dash

Colour Dash, has come to New Zealand……Come and Support Ronald Mcdonald house by running, walking or crawling 5kms , concluding with a full on colour explosion! Prices are $40 for individuals or $35 each if you get a team together, with discounts for students and families. You get a colour pack and a t-shirt, and