First Trans-Tasman flight

Today marks the day of the first Trans-Tasman flight in 1928 by Australian pilots Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm who made the 11 hour crossing in a Fokker tri-motor named the Southern Cross, covering 2670 km in 14 hours 25 minutes. New Zealander T.H. McWilliams, a teacher at a radio school in Wellington, had

Free & Cheap Things to Do During Ski Season in Scenic Queenstown

Whether you are a lover of the great outdoors, an extreme sports junky, or simply an adventurous traveller, any time of year is the perfect time to visit Queenstown. In the summer, the weather allows for countless outdoor sports and the most extreme thrills you could ever dream of. But wintertime in Queenstown offers its

buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

Buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

Buying a used car to travel around New Zealand is a great option, particularly if travelling in a group. Used cars can be picked up reasonably cheap, and enable you to explore the places out of reach of public transport, at your own pace. Follow our guide to buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

travel hacks

Travel hacks using everyday items from home.

Whether you are spending a year abroad or a weekend away, use these handy travel hacks to avoid the clutter on your next trip. 1. Pack plastic grocery bags A must for your suitcase or backpack and can be used to wrap your shoes or protect clean clothes and hold dirty laundry. If you’re travelling on a

China Southern Review

I am sure everyone who flies a little has been tempted from time to time to try one of the budget airlines to save a few dollars. I travel to Europe regularly and the likes of China Southern always show up cheapest. I will normally consider these for twenty minutes, then a more reputable airline