Astrid & Mareike go to Marakopa Falls

Ohhh what an amazing day!
We went to the Waitomo Area.
Here, the nature reflects again, how diverse New Zealand is.
We passed the tourism centre and drove a long road through a forest (seems like a rain forest especially because it was raining).
After a while (30 kilometres), we arrived at our first attraction, Mangapuhoe Natural Bridge , a part of the cave system, which makes Waitomo a destination like no other.
The history of the caves started 30 million years ago, when the entire waitomo region lay far beneath the ocean. The Mangapuhoe Bridge is one part of a cave system that is still standing, after the rest of the cave has collapsed.
Today, it stands as a revealing testament to a landmark period in the world’s natural history.
It is a view you will never forget.

Just a two minute drive down the road we stopped at the Piripiri cave. It is only a five minute walk to reach the cave, and although it is not huge it is a great experience to be able to go into the cave.
It reminded us a bit of a horror movie, because being alone in the dark in a hole. It is scary.( Take a torch)

Last but not least, and just a few kilometres down the road from the Piripiri cave, we reached the carpark for the beautiful Marokopa waterfalls. It is less than a ten minute walk to reach the falls which you can hear long before you see them, and once you arrive the view is breathtaking
I don’t know what to say because it is so formidable. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

So go there, and impress yourself for FREE, as there is no entry fee to any of these cool natural attractions.

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