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Treasures, Traditional and Tropical delights of the lovely spirit of sugarcane

Pic: The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Sacramento, CA

Rum Fire

This beverage is so delicious, fun refreshing and very easy to make, enjoy a Potcake at your earliest convenience!”

— Forrest Cokely

MERCER ISLAND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2017 / — The wonders of rum/rhum, we at Rum Lab are thrilled to take you through Treasures, Traditional and Tropical delights of the lovely spirit of sugarcane. We have added a couple of cocktails that are perfectly matched if you are so inclined. Here are Rum Treasures, Traditions and Tropical for this lovely July.

Rhum J.M. VIEUX 15 Year Agricole 1999
There is painstaking attention paid to every detail of the production of Rhum J.M. The sugarcane is cultivated in a micro climate that is unique and deeply influences the quality of this spirit. How it is grown, harvested and pressed to extract the precious juice of the cane is closely monitored; as is the fermentation, the distillation, the aging and even the bottling of the spirit. Everything is done at the distillery/estate to skillfully maintain absolute quality at each and every step. Rhum J.M. Vieux was distilled directly from this estate grown, hand-cut, fresh pressed sugar cane juice in 1999 then aged for 15 years in 100% in re-charred Bourbon barrels. After this long rest and the impact of tropical aging, it is bottled at cask-strength. The aromas show wood spice & black fruits such as plum, fig, cherries, raisin that resolve into tobacco, roasted nuts, cinnamon, caramel, oak, leather, and nutmeg while continuing on to include fennel, basil and bee balm blossoms dipped in sugarcane juice. The scents are so beguiling it is almost overwhelming. The flavors conform to the boisterous expectations of the aromas slowly but do not disappoint instead they build with dances of licorice and peppercorn in a lucullan display of rhapsodic delight that unfolds in layers. The finish is a lingering, meditative fade that exquisitely expresses’ all the innumerable scents and tastes. This Rhum is incredibly resplendent! You must move quickly, this treasure is soon to disappear, it is limited, fantastic and worth seeking out. If you find it, sip it—preferable with time to enjoy and perhaps a friend to share.

Doorly’s X.O. Rum
Doorly’s X.O. is a wonderful rum from Barbados made at the Foursquare Distillery, on Barbados, and is a blend of Pot Still and Column Still Rum that has been aged in American Oak and then moved into Oloroso Sherry cask to round out the flavors. This rums aroma begins with Oak, toasted nuts, toffee, dried fruits, vanilla, chewy spice, and rich molasses. The dry mouthfeel is bold, rich and full carrying the aromas excellently highlighting on caramel, nuts and baking spice perfectly. The honesty and structure of this rum is wonderful to sip, enjoy on ice or pour in a classic, traditional cocktail, like:

Fair and Warmer:
1 ½ Oz Doorly’s X.O.
¾ Oz Sweet Vermouth
2 Dashes Curacao
Put all of this into a mixing glass, add ice, stir until chilled and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist after you have expressed its oils over the drink.
The earliest mention I know of this drink is in 1917 by Hugo R. Ensslin in his ‘Recipes for Mixed Drinks’. I encourage you to adjust your measurements to your personal preference—so please do.

We looked at this huge, traditional, Jamaican rum in February, so just a refresher on the rum and then a delicious cocktail. It is made at Hampden Estate, in Trelawny, Jamaica, a distillery famous for their high-ester rum. Rum Fire is pungent with aromatics, amazing structure, elegant depth and lovely warmth, basically the best of everything you expect in an excellent Jamaican Overproof rum. The tasting notes are fun and this recipe is an easy-breezy Tropical delight that still shows of this fantastic rum.

1 ½ oz Rum Fire
3 oz. Grapefruit Juice
Pinch of Salt
lime wedge squeezed
drop it in for garnish

Build in rocks glass over ice.

The drink is a variation on a greyhound, but the name is what they call mutts on Caribbean Islands. The nickname originates from the stuff that sticks together in the bottom of the pot after cooking. The caked solids from the pot are scraped out and fed to the dogs as scraps.

This beverage is so delicious, fun refreshing and very easy to make, enjoy a Potcake at your earliest convenience!

Rum Treasures, Traditions, and Tropical is here! Enjoy these rums inside or outside, on your couch or on your patio; these rums will surprise and please. Whatever you do enjoy, and as always, thanks so much for joining us on at the Rum Lab and we hope that you find fun and rum pouring freely all around you.

Federico J. Hernandez
The Rum Lab Marketers
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