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Little Blue Penguin rehabbed and released

EcoWorld Aquarium has successfully rehabbed and now released Shazbot the Little Blue Penguin.

Shazbot was released into Picton Harbour this week after two months of rehab.

“She bit me twice and I knew it was time to let her go” said EcoWorld Life Science Manager Regan Russell.  “The SPCA brought the little blue penguin into us after she was found in a groggy beaten up state lying on the side of the road near Port Underwood. She was pretty stuffed.” 

Shazbot has become quite a feisty penguin as her health has improved and she has drawn blood on several occasions, the last time being just 5 minutes before her liberation.

“The penguin was not in good shape when it arrived. We weren’t confident she would pull through,”  said EcoWorld Director John Reuhman.  “The team worked very hard at times on Shazbot.  We are really pleased she has made it through and been returned to the wild.

It is however not always good news for little blue penguins.

“Last week a mauled little blue that had been attacked by a Jack Russell dog in Nga Kuta Bay was brought in to us in a really bad way.”  said John.  “In spite all our efforts she did not survive the first critical 24 hours and died of her injuries and stress.  We were told that the same dog had killed at least one penguin this time last year. 

It is understand that DOC is contemplating prosecuting the owner of the Jack Russell and the penguin has been kept frozen as evidence.

It is penguin breeding season, the adults are on their nests, and there are going to be more sad encounters between penguins, humans and their dogs.”  said John.

NB.  If you find a sick or injured Little Blue Penguin please contact your local DOC office or EcoWorld Picton Aquarium for help.  Take care. Little Blue Penguins are wild animals. They do bite.

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