February 2018

Full list of Westminster councillor Robert Davis’s 514 freebies

… Attended the Leaders Breakfast at New Zealand House (Leader of Westminster … Switzerland Tourism including all the costs of travel expenses, hotel … – its people and places” (Halcyon Gallery) 21 … to work in hospitality (The Goring Hotel) 9 November 2017 … http://world.einnews.com/article/432961703/tQHDakmzXcXiihju?ref=rss&ecode=ucMrzxKhX6_fr62k

Wairoa’s Destination Playground set for additions

Wairoa’s popular Destination Playground, already a hit with local children, is about to get another upgrade. Stage two of the project will start this week with the installation of five picnic tables, CCTV signage and anti-climb guards to keep youngsters safe by preventing them from climbing the outside of the large rocket slide. As the