December 2016

buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

Buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

Buying a used car to travel around New Zealand is a great option, particularly if travelling in a group. Used cars can be picked up reasonably cheap, and enable you to explore the places out of reach of public transport, at your own pace. Follow our guide to buying a backpacker car in New Zealand

travel hacks

Travel hacks using everyday items from home.

Whether you are spending a year abroad or a weekend away, use these handy travel hacks to avoid the clutter on your next trip. 1. Pack plastic grocery bags A must for your suitcase or backpack and can be used to wrap your shoes or protect clean clothes and hold dirty laundry. If you’re travelling on a

Breaking Travel News interview: Iris Wong, Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation

… brings to hospitality in the region. Breaking Travel News: … of heritage and historic places and their importance … South-east Asia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, US and Canada. … heritage conservation and sustainable tourism. The hotel has dedicated …